Email Marketing

The Goal

When Touchland was founded they sought to revolutionize the commoditized industry of hand sanitizers. The team was challenged to rethink outdated products and experiences in personal hygiene, starting with a new approach to hand sanitizer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic hand sanitizer became a necessity rather than a commodity and customers were looking for a product that would do more than clean and protect their hands as they experienced the world around them.

The Strategy

Touchland had a large untapped audience, with demand at an all-time high for hand sanitizer Touchland needed to set the foundation for their email program and communicate effectively with customers throughout the buying process from start to finish. Structured targeted customers from when they land on the site to when they complete a purchase. Throughout the customer journey Structured set up key points of messaging that increased conversion rate, increased the size of a cart, and resulted in additional revenue.

Email flows added $186,000 in additional revenue and Touchland saw a 66% return.

In 6 months

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