Email Marketing

The Goal

Crossnet is a brand that achieved a ton of success with one flagship product and great viral reach that allowed them to cash in on early revenue. However, they had minimal impact coming from their Email program. For those site visitors that opted in and didn’t convert on first visit, they struggled to build brand reputation and encourage users to buy.

The Strategy

Our goal was to rework existing flows to highlight brand features, as well as creating net new flows that provided more education and experiential components to their unconverted users. We wanted to inject options that focused not only on pushing an initial purchase, but also to make sure that users who did purchase got the best experience from their newly purchased product. By bolstering abandon programs and reworking/extending their welcome flow, we found ways to personalize the consumer experience based on the way that users interacted with the brand.

From a number perspective, creating a more robust Lifecycle Marketing Automation program allowed us to increase the Email attributed revenue from: 5% of overall revenue in January (with literally 0% coming from flows), to 25% of revenue in November (15% flow, 10% campaign).

Automations provide us an opportunity to drive passive revenue by talking to users after they perform a certain behavior. It allows us to not have to rely so heavily on a content calendar and creating net-new templates to serve to a cold audience. Instead, we can focus on coming up with exciting and interesting pieces that compliment the flows that are already in place.

The Results
39% of total attributed revenue came from Klaviyo

November 2020

50% of total attributed revenue came from klaviyo

November 2021

We increased from 11 > 20+ automated programs
We increased campaign frequency by approximately 50%

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