Posh Peanut

From Etsy Seller to Multiple 8-Figure Brand

The Goal

The Founder of Posh Peanut came to Structured as an Etsy Seller who just wanted to start making sales on her website.

The Strategy

Since Day 1 paid advertising – especially Facebook and Instagram ads – has been the cornerstone of Posh Peanut’s growth Strategy. Over the years we’ve created stable growth in the Facebook ad account and implemented Google, Pinterest, Bing, Tik Tok, and YouTube.

After establishing about 3 years of consistent growth and sales. Posh was ready for a break through.

We worked with the Posh team to establish weekly new collection drops.

The regular drops maximized customer LTV.

When combined with the consistent acquisition foundation that had been established – the collection drops allowed the brand to grow like wildfire.


Year 1 Website Sales

$1.4 Million

Year 2 Website Sales

$4.4 Million

Year 3 Website Sales

$8.6 Million

Year 4 Website Sales

$25.3 Million

Year 5 Website Sales


Year 6 Website Sales

The partnership between Posh Peanut and Structured has been life changing for both parties. Posh has gone from a mom doing handmade headbands and bows for babies to a company with 100+ employees; full time fashion designers; thousands of square feet of warehouse and office space, and a physical store.

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