Email Marketing

The Goal

Differentiate MatchaBar from the crowd of CPG brands by timing replenishment messages in alignment with customer behavior. MatchaBar found that their most critical purchase was the second order for their customers, which is when matcha drinkers convert from customers to brand advocates and often re-order 3+ times.

The Strategy

Because this second order is so pivotal, timing a replenishment message aimed at increasing repeat purchaser rates for one-time-purchasers (aka non-subscribers) is just as important.

Structured A/B tested various timing delays in this replenishment flow to reach customers with a replenishment message for their recent purchase. These timing delays were calculated based on returning customer averages and were created in Klaviyo based on the product type and quantity ordered.

Therefore, a customer who ordered a 30-gram tin of matcha gets a nudge much sooner than someone who stocked up on a 200-gram tin, but both are contacted with a personal reminder at the time they should just be running low.

The Results

Optimizing the replenishment flow timing has boosted that flow to the 2nd top revenue-driving flow, only after the Welcome Series, at 17% of total flow revenue.

Conversion rates via the replenishment flow have also increased 63% quarter-over-quarter as a result of aligning the email timing with real customer behavior.

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