Email Marketing

The Goal

Drive sales and hype for Gleamin’s first-ever moisturizer by pre-selling the product during the holiday season.

The Strategy

To continue to build out the SMS program, Structured created a marketing plan that focused on giving SMS subscribers early access to this new product offering from Gleamin. We leveraged our existing email list of 204,000 subscribers in order to get them to opt-in to receiving SMS messages if they did not already do so.

Those who signed up via SMS were able to shop the Moisturizer a day before everyone else on the email and SMS list. Once early access ended, we sent a general announcement via email and SMS that the moisturizer was available for pre-sale.

Throughout the pre-sale campaign we added reminders in the form of campaigns, banners, and blocks to every email to build hype and spread the word about the newest product offering from Gleamin.

As we got closer to the shipping date, we kept customers up to date on the status of their order and information about shipping via email so they had full transparency into the process from beginning to end.

Once product began to ship we were able to collect reviews and user generated content (UGC) to use in email marketing.


Structured was able to drive a total of $92,243.73 during the pre-sale campaign for Gleamin’s new moisturizer and was able to drive thousands of likes and comments in online social commentary.

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