Highest-performing ad to date


When the Structured media buying team identified the opportunity to bring fresh creative into Ekster’s account, they enlisted the help of Structured Studios (the Structured content production department.)

Armed with actionable insights from the ad account, the content team got to work concepting new creative that in the end would nearly double Ekster’s ROAS and would continue to be their highest-performing ad to date.

Stand Still

No brand owner is delighted to see their growth hit a plateau, and one thing about Structured is that when it’s their own partners, they won’t stand for it.

When Ekster’s ad account had hit that point, the paid team knew it was time to stop trying something different, and try something completely new. It was time to bring in fresh creative that was on-trend with the current ad content landscape. To do that they needed some seriously creative people they could collaborate with to propel Ekster past their ad account plateau.

Content Team

Structured Studios is a small team of extremely passionate, creative people that, just like everyone else within the Structured culture, goes above and beyond to build the partner brands they work with to new heights.

The expertise from the paid media team paired with the boundless creativity of the content team produced a creative concept that was fresh, on brand, on trend, and would highlight Ekster’s product benefits in a creative and refreshing way.

But the content team has a firm understanding that while good content should be visually titillating and engage the audience, it also needs to convert.

So the new creative was put to the test.


After the new ad had been live enough to collect sufficient data, the results came back and they were overwhelmingly positive.


Starting ROAS


Ending ROAS


Gross Sales Before

$1,049, 848

Gross Sales After

Now, a year later, the ad asset provided by Structured Studios is still their highest-performing ad to date.


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