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A painless product launch


Product launches are extremely exciting – but because they have a lot of moving pieces, they can be unpredictable or a little overwhelming.

As such, it’s important that everyone supporting a product launch is flexible, adaptive, and on their toes.

That’s exactly what Birthdate Co. needed in a content partner when they were launching their Tarot Trio set. Fortunately, they had the Structured content team in their corner.

Last Minute Change

Birthdate Co.’s new product the Tarot Trio was all set to launch – they had content, they had a timeline, and everything looked good as gold.

But the product launch got a little shaken up when initial product feedback prompted them to update their prototype- rendering all the content they had for the launch un-usable.

In a bind and needing all new content for launch, PDPs, email, etc. they came to Structured with a tight timeline and a specific vision…and Structured delivered.

Content Team

Structured Studios is a small team of extremely passionate, creative people that, just like everyone else within the Structured agency culture, goes above and beyond to build the partner brands they work with to new heights.

Needing all new launch assets within a week, Structured got to work coordinating talent, mood boards, shot lists, props, and all the other facets of a successful production for the Tarot Trio Set. Efficiency, flawless execution, and timeliness all a prominent factor in the shoot.


Despite the time restraints, Structured delivered. Ajay Rehta, of Birthdate Co. states:

“We worked with the Structured creative team to create some beautiful imagery for our new Tarot Trio product launch. We needed artful photography of the product for our website and lifestyle images/video for ads. The team had an incredible creative vision from the beginning — all we had to provide was the product, and they executed a perfect shoot painlessly and delivered assets quickly afterwards.

The imagery was even better than we’d hoped, and the team was great to work with. Highly recommend using Structured for your product photography needs.”

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